Seattle Celebrates Summer Solstice with Dog Parade

Posted by Stacey Venzel
All photos via Stacey Venzel

Once again, Seattle makes room for the dogs on its streets.

The Emerald City knows how to cater to the pooch. Seattle has its own food truck for dogs. It has a studio that hosts doga--yes, that's dog yoga. The Seattle International Film Festival even makes a point to include canine movies in the month-long cinematic event.

Seattle's twenty-eighth-annual Summer Solstice Festival was this past weekend. Kicking off on Friday with a music concert, Saturday was filled with the naked body paint bike ride and float parade that ended with a brass band montage. But Sunday was reserved for the dogs.

Nearly fifty canines lined up from small to medium, large, and extra-extra large. Some of the pups were decked out in costume while others just wanted to take advantage of another walk. The canines were led by a bagpipe musician through blocks of vendors and past excited pup-lovers, this writer included.

The event, sponsored by Citizens for Off Leash Areas (COLA), asked for a $10 registration fee to support improvements in existing dog parks as well as add even more to the city's growing list of canine-catered activities and locales.

What pups showed up to strut their stuff?

There were Crayola crayons...


And lazy Gremlin Pugs.


Some dogs sported their gay pride...


While others supported the Star Wars franchise.


A few chose to be photo bombers...


While others posed like majestic lions.


One was all about Team USA...


But others just wanted to dress like bananas and butterflies.


Some went all out...


And others lost interest right away.


A hot dog had to make an appearance...


Along with a corgi taco.


Free kisses were administered (of which full advantage was taken)...


As was Reggae advice from the top dawg himself.


In case you thought Washington catered only to dogs, think again. Edison, just north of the city, has its own chicken parade. Further south in Benton City, farm animals and house pets are running for city office.

It seems no matter where you turn, there's something for all two-legged and four-legged friends in the Evergreen state. We can't wait to see which pet parade Washington comes up with next!

All photos via Stacey Venzel

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Seattle Celebrates Summer Solstice with Dog Parade