The Seattle Barkery: A Food Truck for Dogs

Posted by Stacey Venzel
The Seattle Barkery/Instagram

This city has really gone to the dogs.

Dogs outnumber children in Seattle, but with canines welcome in more places than kids (bars are not off-limits, even if the pup isn't 21), there is really no better town for a pup to get his tail swagger on.

Seattle is known for its abundance of food trucks, too, so it only seemed a natural progression to combine two of the things the home of the Space Needle is famous for. The Seattle Barkery--no, that's not a spelling error--hit the streets 10 months ago. The meals on wheels conveniently stations itself alongside dog parks throughout the area.

The menu board has two sections, dogs on top and humans on the bottom. (We see where we stand with Spot). The bakery team says quality is important in all of the ingredients, so don't think your Corgi is getting short-handed.

While the Emerald City is also famous for its plethora of non-carnivorous dining options, this food truck is an exception. From Bacon Pupcakes to chicken feet, dogs get their meat on at this mobile eatery.

They can also treat themselves to peanut butter and cheesy flavors. Cakes seem to be a specialty with this dog bakery, as do puns and celebrity references. Bob Barker Cakes and Hound Dog Cakes are a few favorites, but the bakery also offers a customized cake service, in case you want to go all out for your four-pawed companion's birthday celebration.

If you and your woofer find yourselves in the Pacific Northwest, do treat yourselves to a stop at this food truck. Or, if you're pup-less like this Seattle-based writer, you can still lurk around for some quality canine entertainment. (But don't forget to tip Fido.)

Cat lovers shouldn't complain either. The food truck has some options for the felines, too. And, like dogs, cats also outnumber the Seattle children population.

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The Seattle Barkery: A Food Truck for Dogs