Scruffles the Fat Cat Is Kinda Fed up with the Backyard Chickens

Posted by Mateja Lane

Being a fat cat is fun and all, unless the chickens are always on your case. 

Scruffles is a big kitty but lives the good life. He lives with his other cat friends Foot Foot, Momo, Ralphie, Jujy, Jesse the Papillon dog, and, oh yeah, a whole flock of chickens.

Scruffles has attitude...erm cattitude, hates physical activity, and sometimes shows love to his family.

Meet Scruffles and the gang.

He and Momo are pretty judgy... 

And sharing the bed is just not an option. 

Because Scruffles is the only splooter in the house...

And he gets pretty fed up when they just stare through the glass door...

He liked his chicken friend, Boogie.

But he's still not ready to share any presents with them. 

Scruffles swears the chickens spy on him... 

But can tolerate them in small doses. 

He just doesn't understand what they want from him. 

But he tolerates it because he knows he's great. 

As much as he likes to pretend he hates the chickens, a part of him is happy they're always around. 

Scruffles and the gang look like they live a pretty good life. There are all kinds of animals around and never a dull moment. And even though Scruffles and his chicken siblings may not be best friends, they can at least appreciate one other.

Keep up with the gang on social media- their Instagram account is scruffles_fatcat.

What do you think of this funny bunch? Tell us in the comments!

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Scruffles the Fat Cat Is Kinda Fed up with the Backyard Chickens