Scout of "Stuff on Scout's Head" Passes Away Peacefully

Posted by Stacey Venzel
All images via Jen Gillen via "Stuff on Scout's Head" Instagram

On July 29, Scout, the infamous, lovable pit bull that graced our computer screens for two years, died peacefully after battling months of illness.

Scout might have been the most well-known pit bull around the globe. His balancing acts began infiltrating social media two years ago. Images from "Stuff on Scout's Head" were even made into a book, "Lessons in Balance," and printed on T-shirts.

Adopted six years ago by Jen Gillen, the pooch gained a following with his patience, skills, and adorableness. Scout and his owner used the fame to promote animal welfare.

#stuffonscoutshead - “You underestimate the power of the bark side”

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The duo were advocates for pet rescue and adoption. Together, they worked toward disbanding breed specific legislation in their home region of Ontario, Canada and beyond.

A law in Ontario that hasn't worked for 11 years is what our neighbours in Quebec City, and suddenly even sooner in Montreal are about to experience. I can't begin to touch on my rage, but also my sadness of BSL not only continuing but popping up in new areas. A barbaric law which yields no real results, hurts dogs, hurts families, creates more work for rescues not only local to these new areas with BSL laws, but for Ontario as well - taking away some of our help to get underage pit-bull-type dogs a home out of province. Now is the time to make your voice heard that it's not the breed that's the problem. I've seen so many incorrect data charts over the last few days to encourage the fear mongering and it's all very unfortunate #endBSL, stand up for your dog and be their voice.

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A few months ago, Scout was hospitalized and underwent exploratory surgery. He suffered from enlarged organs and subsequent low blood sugar. Fans of the canine donated to Scout's ICU care, more than covering the cost of the vet bill.

True to the stubborn pit bull form, Scout often acted like he wasn't ill in the months following his hospitalization. He would scowl at the cat or race to the car despite wobbly legs.

Jen reported the news of Scout's passing in a heartfelt message on the canine's Instagram account:

"It's taken a week for me to find the right wording to break the news and I don't even think this does him justice. I wish you all could have given him a hug as a final goodbye, there would have been a line as far as the eye could see - I swear he was fuelled through the last few months by love entirely."

We send our sincerest condolences to Jen and all those mourning the loss of a profound pup who reminded us what it means to love unconditionally.

All images via Jen Gillen via "Stuff on Scout's Head" Instagram.

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Scout of "Stuff on Scout's Head" Passes Away Peacefully