Say It 5 Times Fast: Perfectly Precious Pot-Bellied Pigs

Posted by Allie Layos
Five piglets

These tiny pot-bellied pigs are hamming it up for the camera. 

Animal Planet hit gold when it launched Too Cute in 2011, a pseudo-documentary series that follows the lives of adorable baby animals, whether that be puppies, kittens, or even these tiny pot-bellied pigs.

In this clip from the February 2013 episode, "Extra Special Pets," viewers meet mother Betty and her five offspring, and can watch Pretzel, Lulu, Maggie, and their siblings grow from eight-day-old piglets to confident ten-week-old ones, and enjoy all the adorableness that ensues.

First the piglets' world expands from one room to two, and then to the wide outdoors. They experience grass and play in water for the first time, and even meet a special friend in Penny, the resident Springer Spaniel.

Each piglet has its own personality, from the outgoing Pretzel to the brave Maggie, who is first to give Penny a chance.

The clip ends with the piglets strong and confident at ten weeks old, but still completely adorable. Whatever the age, they definitely fit the title of "Too Cute!"

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Say It 5 Times Fast: Perfectly Precious Pot-Bellied Pigs