Savvy Senior Horse Saves His Own Life by Pretending to Be a Donkey

Posted by TF Oren
Bubbles the Rescue Horse/Facebook page

With age comes wisdom. 

Just ask Bubbles, the 25-year-old gelding who saved himself from slaughter by pretending to be a donkey. No joke.

Bubbles, an old gelding with frostbitten ear stumps, a swayback, and achy joints, found himself in a Texas kill pen, bound for slaughter.

Ordinarily, a horse in such condition would have little to no hope of rescue. Bubbles, however, is no ordinary horse, and was not about to go down without a fight...or, rather, an ingenious disguise.

The savvy senior saw his chance to escape when rescuers from the nonprofit organization Becky's Hope Horse Rescue arrived at the lot to transport a herd of mini donkeys back to their Frisco, Texas rescue facility.

Somehow, Bubbles knew that trailer was his ticket to freedom, and wasted no time. As Becky's Hope workers prepared to load the donkeys, Bubbles strode right into the trailer, as if he were just one of the donkeys.

Once he'd loaded himself so matter-of-factly, Becky's Hope simply couldn't say no to the senior horse who'd just saved his own life. So, the organization bought him and took him back to the rescue facility along with the donkeys.

Becky's Hope named the determined old wannabe donkey Bubbles, and posted his picture and rescue story online. In no time, news outlets also picked up the story of the horse who saved himself by pretending to be a donkey.

Sweet-natured Bubbles will live out his days at Becky's Hope, where he will act as a goodwill ambassador for rescue horses, and encourage potential adopters to consider adopting a senior horse.

You can read more about Bubbles and Becky's Hope Horse Rescue here and by going to Bubbles' own Facebook page!

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Savvy Senior Horse Saves His Own Life by Pretending to Be a Donkey