Saved by the Nose: Dog Finds Cat Missing in Sewer for Six Weeks

Posted by Krissy Howard
dog finds cat in sewer
Izzy Francolini and Shelly Collette via Life With Dogs

A cat named Ghost was missing for weeks without a trace, but thanks to the nose of one pooch, he was found in a sewer alive and well. 

A Canadian cat named Ghost went missing for over a month amid a recent move, worrying his owner, Izzy Francolini, beyond belief. Finally, six weeks after he went missing, his hiding spot was revealed thanks to the nose of a mixed-breed pooch named Cashew.

According to a report by Sackville Tribune-Post, Cashew was on a regular walk with his owner, Shelly Collette, when he suddenly became fixated on a sewage drain. After refusing to leave, Collette peeked down inside to find a large orange tabby cat, which she recognized from various missing cat signs posted around town. She didn't hesitate to call Ghost's cat mama, and Francolini arrived at the scene as soon as possible.

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The trio then waited by the manhole for city workers to arrive, but once they started drilling to remove the sewage grate, Ghost ran away, frightened by the noise. Knowing it would only be a matter of time before he came back, she set up camp and was made comfortable with the help of her neighbors, who provided blankets, dinner, and water as she awaited Ghost's return.

Sackville Tribune-Post

Several hours later, the faint meowing of Ghost could be heard. Francolini lured him out with food, grabbed him by his scruff, and carried him home, where he'll hopefully stay for a while. Cashew is being heralded as a local hero, although sniffing and tracking apparently comes naturally to the "goofy" guy, as his mom described him.

Although certainly an ordeal, this isn't the first time Ghost has disappeared on his owner.

"Ghost has gotten out before," Francolini said. "He had originally been living in the walls and vents of a friend's house. It took them a month to catch him. His name sadly suits him."

Luckily, Ghost is back home for now, safe and out of the storm drains of Sackville thanks to the efforts of one determined dog and the kindness of the community.

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Saved by the Nose: Dog Finds Cat Missing in Sewer for Six Weeks