'Save a Fortune' Event Brings Together Celebrity Cats for Purina Campaign

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PetSmart Shopper Marketing ìSave a Fortuneî
All photos by Matt Harbicht/AP Images for Friskies

Four famous cats found themselves in L.A. with fans waiting to get their fortunes told.  

Most cats are finicky eaters. They'll try all sorts of different foods, forcing their owner to spend money on all kinds of different brands and formulas. The new campaign led by Purina and Petsmart called "Save a Fortune" is attempting to look past all the trial and error and help owners decide what product their cat likes best.

To do this in a fun way, the campaign brought famous cats Waffles, White Coffee, Nala Cat, and Luna Rose together while a fortune teller cat, Madame Fortuna told fans what kinds of food they will like best. The event was held in Los Angeles at the beginning of the week and looked to be a fun event.

PetSmart Shopper Marketing ?

Feline fans came to meet the famous cats and to get their fortunes told. Apparently they were telling dog's food fortunes as well.

Purina Save a Fortunes event

According to a press release, the campaign will run through participating Petsmart stores through October 1.

For the Save a Fortune promotional event, now through October 1, 2017, when shoppers spend $40 on participating Purina cat products, including Friskies cat food, at PetSmart stores nationwide, they will receive a $10 PetSmart gift card after submitting a photo of the receipt via PurinaFortunes.com. 


"We are excited to partner with PetSmart on such a significant, multi-faceted promotion that offers deals on a variety of Purina products ranging from Friskies cat food to cat litter," said Andrew Goldberg, Retail & Shopper Marketing Manager for Purina.

"Through the 'Save a Fortune' event, consumers can take advantage of a $10 PetSmart gift card offer as well as coupons, prizes and sweepstakes available in a variety of engaging ways at PurinaFortunes.com and a unique cat fortune-telling event in a PetSmart store in L.A."

PetSmart Shopper Marketing ?

Check out your local Petsmart this weekend to participate in the Purina "Save a Fortune" campaign. Visitors to the site PurinaFortunes.com can save big on Purina products and be entered to win a fortune telling cat condo announced October 15.

Tell us what you think of this fun campaign in the comments below!

All photos by Matt Harbicht/AP Images for Friskies

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'Save a Fortune' Event Brings Together Celebrity Cats for Purina Campaign