Holiday Gift Guide: Santa Cowboy Hats You Need to Have This Christmas

Posted by Stacey Venzel

Santa is riding Western this Christmas. 

Cowboy hats can be classic or ridiculous. They can be plain or festive. With Christmas just around the corner, we thought you might like to know you have options.

These iconic fashion pieces are a bit tricky to find, so we did some research for you.

Check out this collection of ho-ho-horse-friendly Santa hats.

Santa Cowboy Hat

santa cowboy hat

Polyester with white fur trimming, this festive farmwear is only $12.42.

elope Christmas Cowboy Hat


The bedazzled belt buckle completes this fashionable headpiece. It costs $24.95. Female sold separately.

Christmas Hats - Holiday Theme Hats - Santa Hats - by Funny Party Hats


santa cowboy hatIn case you want your Santa cowboy hat to be a little bit brighter, Funny Party Hats makes this one in a lighter red hue and different material. It costs $9.37.

Santa Cowboy Christmas Hats


Funny Party Hats also makes this bannered Christmas headwarmer to spread some cheer around the farm. It costs $7.99.

GLOW Novelty Light Up Cowboy Hat


Light-up clothing is always a hit. Get the red one to celebrate the Christmas spirit. These hats are $15.99.

Glitter Sequin Trim Cowboy Hat for Ladies


Be the sparkle of the holiday party with this Christmassy head piece. You can choose red or green to stay in the Christmas spirit. They say they're for ladies, but we wouldn't mind if a cowboy showed up at the Ugly Christmas Sweater party wearing one. These hats are $19.74.

Children's Red Felt Cowboy Hat


Let's not forget the classic cowboy-in-training hat that works for the holiday season. This one is $8.96.

If you choose to stick with the classic cowboy head ornament, you can always spice it up with some Christmas lights or an ugly horse Christmas sweater. We're open to your creativity.

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Holiday Gift Guide: Santa Cowboy Hats You Need to Have This Christmas