Therapy Pig at San Francisco International Airport Helps with Traveler Stress

Posted by Paige Cerulli
Lilou the therapy pig
LiLou_SF Pig/Instagram page

One airport is using an unusual therapy animal to help travelers stay relaxed and happy. Meet LiLou the therapy pig.

Traveling can be a highly stressful activity for many people, and airports have begun to bring therapy animals in to help reduce traveler stress. The San Francisco International Airport has been bringing in therapy animals since late 2013, but their newest addition will definitely turn heads.

LiLou is no therapy dog, or even a therapy horse. In fact, she's a therapy pig.

LiLou, who is a spotted Juliana pig, is the first pig to be certified by the Animal Assisted Therapy Program of the San Francisco Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. She'll turn two on December 15th, and loves being around people.

LiLou certainly gets lots of attention when she heads to the airport, and not just because she's a pig, either. She has many costumes that she wears, and is trained to perform various tricks, including standing on her hind hooves and playing a toy piano.

LiLou loves to ham it up for the audience, and her owner, Tatyana Danilova, enjoys knowing that she and LiLou are doing something positive for the community.

The San Francisco International Airport has up to three different therapy animals on duty at any time. LiLou's already proven herself to be quite the popular addition to the mix, but there's no word on an upcoming schedule for her appearances.

The next time that you head to the airport, keep your eyes open. You might find therapy horses, dogs, or pigs on site to help people cope with stress. And who knows what other animals will be added to the mix in the future?

Want updates in LiLou in the meantime? Be sure to follow her Instagram page.

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Therapy Pig at San Francisco International Airport Helps with Traveler Stress