San Francisco Firefighters Care for Chickens Left Behind in Evacuation

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chicken fire rescue
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Chickens need rescuing, too!

On Monday, October 16, San Francisco firefighters came upon a flock of chickens that had survived the wildfires in Santa Rosa, California.

According to a department tweet, the chickens were in need of food and water but are now safe. A department spokesman said the local animal control officers were notified about the chickens and that the area should be repopulated soon.

Fifty-four San Francisco Fire Department members are part of a team battling the wildfires in Northern California. Although the fires continue to cause serious damage, firefighters are not giving up.

In one of the fires, firefighters found an American flag that was burned but not destroyed. According to a department tweet, the flag now serves "as a symbol of strength and resiliency."

The current stats on some of the major fires, according to SFGATE, are as follows:

Tubbs Fire
Napa County
36,432 acres, 91% contained

Pocket Fire
Sonoma County
12,430 acres, 63% contained

Atlas Fire
Napa County and Sonoma County
51,064 acres, 83% contained

Nuns / Adobe / Norbbom / Pressley / Patrick Fires
Napa County and Sonoma County
54,423 acres, 80% contained

Firefighters throughout California still have a lot of work to do, but it's nice to see they are taking time care for animals in need and finding ways to keep their hopes up. We wish them the best as they continue all their hard work.

For information on donating to those affected by the wildfires or becoming a volunteer, click here.

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San Francisco Firefighters Care for Chickens Left Behind in Evacuation