San Diego Farm Animal Rescue Being Built by World's Most Good-Hearted Lawyer

Posted by Samantha Bubar
San Diego Union-Tribune

John Fiske, native to San Diego, is an environmental lawyer with a soft spot for helping animals. 

In his free time from being a lawyer, John manages Rancho Cherimoya in Elfin Forest, California. Rancho Cherimoya is a 2.5-acre organic cherimoya tree grove, as well as an AirBnB studio. All proceeds of cherimoya and AirBnB sales, along with donations, go to building his incredible project: San Diego Farm Animal Rescue.

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SDFAR is dedicated to helping lessen the number of farm animals that are slaughtered in the United States each year, which hovers around a shocking 10 billion.


The farm's website states its mission as follows:

We create new lives for farm animals in need of rescue.  We believe the connection between animals and humans reveals the true nature of both, and the distinctions among species are blurred as humans discover their capacity for compassion.  Everyday, our intention is to rescue, educate, and advocate for the ethical and compassionate treatment of all animals.

The building plans include a large horse pasture, chicken coops, and a goat playground. There are plans to have educational events starting in late 2016 for San Diegans and anyone who wants to learn about farm animal advocacy.

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The plan is to rescue farm animals in need, ones from high risk situations, and have them live on the farm until they are adopted into a forever, and albeit safer, home.


SDFAR wants to give people of all ages the opportunity to learn from example and interact with the animals in a very hands-on environment. The goal is to teach others about compassion for animals of all kinds. They also want to educate about farming processes, animal agriculture, and animal treatment. SDFAR hopes that with more facts, people will be able to make better, more informed choices.


You can meet the animals here, and the adoption application is here.

Their website provides a video from Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM) to educate others. Watch the video and learn more here.

You can check out more progress photos here.

There are plans for SDFAR to join in on national farm animal advocacy legislation in 2016 as well.

The cozy AirBnB studio can be booked here. All proceeds go to SDFAR, which is a non profit.

Check out their website and educate yourself!

All images via San Diego Farm Animal Rescue's website.

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San Diego Farm Animal Rescue Being Built by World's Most Good-Hearted Lawyer