Samson the Newfie Has a SUPER COOL Trick...Almost

Posted by TF Oren

Samson the Newfie is 11 weeks old and pretty excited about it. 

So excited, in fact, he can't contain himself. At 11 weeks, he clearly knows his name, and is tuned in to his human companion. He's also learning basic obedience commands.

He comes over to investigate the camera, shows off his toy, comes back for a little reassurance, and then, for the win, shows us his best "sit!" and it's A+ work. Solid posture, nice hold, good eye's all there.

But the best is yet to come. You see, in Samson's world "sit" comes with twist: a little thing called the bait and switch.

Check out Samson's handiwork for yourself:

After the deed is done, he moseys on out of there like a boss. It's just a matter of seconds until his work is fully "appreciated."

"Sit, stay, good boy!" is old news. This is Sit 2.0, also known as "Sit, stay, good boy! Wait! Oh maaaaan!"

Classic puppy moment.

But seriously, how can you resist that half-proud, half-guilty little face? Share this  puddle of cute with anyone who could use a giggle.

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Samson the Newfie Has a SUPER COOL Trick...Almost