Save on Organic Paw Balm to Help with Chapped Pads and Noses

Posted by Mateja Lane

It's still winter in most the country. 

If you don't live in the southern half of the United States then you still have to deal with winter, as does your pet.

Winter walks can be tough on Fido's feet and your cat's nose may even be drying up from the heat coming out of your vents. That's why most pet owners use a balm or salve to help soften and hydrate their pets' paw pads and noses.

This organic salve by Pawstruck is on sale today on Amazon and you can save $10.

Ruff Relief Balm for Dogs - Moisturize & Protect Nose & Paws (1.75oz) Organic, Natural, & Made in USA, Soothes Dry Cracked Skin, by Pawstruck

paw pad balm

No more cracked noses or paw pads for your cats and dogs this winter!

Save $10 on this balm when you pay $16.99 today. 

And feel good about buying an organic, made-in-America product! Your pet deserves the best.

Do you use a paw balm in the winter? Tell us in the comments below. 


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