Sadie Mae the Elderly Beagle Is Recovering After Several Gunshots

Posted by Jason Sarna
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This dog is a fighter!

According to the Ottawa Citizen, an eight-year-old beagle who suffered six gunshot pellets to the head is receiving life-saving care at the Ottawa Humane Society.

The beagle, who the OHS staff named Sadie Mae, was found outside by a group of people who were driving on an ATV trail.

The dog - suffering from injuries to her skull, left eye, and left ear - was taken to the Ottawa Veterinary Hospital by police, and on Nov. 13, the dog was transferred to the OHS.

OHS chief veterinarian Dr. Shelley Hutchings said:

"She's a sweet and stoic dog who, with surgery and intensive treatment, has a good chance at recovery."

Sadie Mae will undergo surgery to reconstruct her skull. According to the Ottawa Citizen, "It is likely that her left eye will need to be removed but vets are hoping to save her left ear."

Post surgery, Sadie Mae will spend eight weeks in the critical care unit at the OHS. She will then be spayed and have some dental work done. When she's well enough, Sadie Mae will be put up for adoption.

As far as the shooting goes, it is unknown whether it was a hunting accident or intentional. No owner has come forward to claim Sadie Mae.

If you are interested in adopting Sadie Mae after she has recovered from her injuries, visit the OHS adoption page.

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Sadie Mae the Elderly Beagle Is Recovering After Several Gunshots