Saddle Up: Aldi Is Making Equestrian Sports a Little Less Elitist

Posted by Allie Layos
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All images via The Sun.

Aldi can be your new one-stop shop for equestrian gear ... at a very reasonable price. 

As all equestrians know, it's not just horses that are expensive -- horse equipment is expensive, too. But German retailer, Aldi, is attempting to solve this problem. Aldi has entered the equestrian game, and is now stocking a range of equine items at extremely reasonable prices.

The gear will include horse blankets, breeches, halters, and more. In the United Kingdom, the blankets are selling for just £34.99, ladies breeches for £29.99, and halters for only £3.99.

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These low prices may allow more people to enjoy the sport of riding.

"Parents often can't keep up with the prices of horse riding gear," said equestrian Maria Rossall, in an interview with The Sun.

Rossall knows many people who have enjoyed jodhpurs purchased at Aldi.

Aldi sign

"And I know a few people who have bought the indoor and outdoor rugs - it's great that riding equipment is being made affordable," she said.

Aldi's Tony Baines said it was "opening up the opportunity to all to try a new hobby."

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All images via The Sun.

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Saddle Up: Aldi Is Making Equestrian Sports a Little Less Elitist