Russian Police Are Training Corgis as Police Dogs

Posted by Stacey Venzel

Russia is now training a short-legged police force to catch criminals red-handed.

The canines are at it again, taking down criminals with their noses. German Shepherds and Labradors are commonly trained for the police force. Corgis have been employed as guide and therapy dogs, but they are new to law enforcement.

Two Corgi puppies in Russia are undergoing stringent training to put their bomb-sniffing capabilities to the test, too. Trainers hope this canine unit will be also be able to hunt down contraband.


Corgis have a leg up on their canine brothers--though a rather minuscule one at that.

According to Brandi Hunter, spokeswoman for the American Kennel Club, "[Corgis are] very smart, they're easy to train... they can get into smaller spaces."

A Rottweiler is limited in the nooks and crannies he can maneuver, but with Corgis aiding policemen, more concealed places can be explored.

Corgis were bred for their short stature in Wales, where farmers relied on them to herd the hooves of livestock. They're already skilled at corralling animals, offering positive implications for their work in criminal pursuit.


This news coincides with a pop culture tale that has been amusing children and their parents this spring. The story parallels the "Zootopia" fantasy of a little rabbit becoming the newest and smallest member of an animal police force.

Rodents can even be trained to do some impressive crime-stopping, with authorities actually using mice to sniff out explosives in airports. If a mouse or bunny can do it, why can't a Corgi?

The Russian police force and trainers of these two Corgis remain hopeful that the pups will prove themselves, showing us all that bigger isn't always better.

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Russian Police Are Training Corgis as Police Dogs