Runaway Horses Thunder Down Freeway Like a Movie or Something

Posted by Mateja Lane

What power! What grace! What majesty!

Horses have awed and impressed us meager humans for centuries. We have learned to harness the horse's power for the most part, but to see them run free and doing what they were born to do is a sight to behold.

It is especially impressive to see this natural power on something man-made like pavement. Watch this herd of horses thunder by cars on the freeway.

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Not much is known about the video except that it was filmed May 15, 2017 by Youtuber Balazs Berkecz near Budapest. The horses seemingly escaped and made their way onto the M6 freeway around the town of Paks. They all made their way back to their home, according to this story in Szabad Pecs.

man leading horse
Szabad Pecs

But what an amazing sight! Luckily it didn't look like the freeway was very busy. These horses had free reign to let them reach their full galloping potential.

What power!

Tell us what you think of this incredible video in the comments below!

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Runaway Horses Thunder Down Freeway Like a Movie or Something