Rumor the German Shepherd Takes Home 'Best in Show' at the Westminster Dog Show

Posted by Mateja Lane
German Shepherd
All images via Westminster Dog Show/Twitter

The Westminster Dog Show just finished up its 141st annual show. 

And the winner, Best in Show, was awarded to a German Shepherd named Rumor last night.

A huge audience fills Madison Square Garden each year to watch dogs compete in sporting events and against other dogs in their groups. As they make their way around the ring, these dogs strut their stuff and show off what they have been training, and being groomed for, all year.

Rumor won in her herding class earlier in the night:

And then went on to take the highest title of Best in Show.

Other dogs that won titles included:

Duffy the Norwegian Elkhound- Winner of the Hound Group

There were a lot of Hounds to compete with!

Devlin the Boxer- Winner of the Working Group

There are 30 different breeds that compete in the Working Group, including Huskies.

Adrian the Irish Setter: Winner of the Sporting Group

The Sporting Group also had some tough contenders, like America's #1 dog: the Labrador Retriever:

Tanner the Norwich Terrier: Winner of the Terrier Group

Devlin had some tough competition:

Aftin the Miniature Poodle: Winner of the Non-Sporting Group

Chuckie the Pekingese: Winner of the Toy Group

There was some fierce competition in the Toy Group:

With the Chihuahua being the smallest dog to compete in the show:

And some breeds were completely new to the show, like the Sloughi and the Pumi:

Everyone, including dogs, handlers, judges, and the audience had a wonderful Valentine's Day watching the annual Westminster Dog Show. Here is the full list of group winners:

We still think Mia, the distracted Beagle, won some sort of award when she ran the cutest agility course we've ever seen...

Now the dogs go home and start training for next year!

What do you think of the Westminster dog winners? Let us know in the comments below!

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Rumor the German Shepherd Takes Home 'Best in Show' at the Westminster Dog Show