RSPCA Donating Coats to Dogs Who Live with Homeless People

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Sometimes the homeless are judged for having their pets out on the street, but many people are unaware of the bond that forms between the homeless and their companion animals.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) of the UK is working to honor and strengthen that bond by hand-delivering coats for dogs this winter.

The relationship between a homeless person and their companion animal may be viewed as untraditional compared to societal norms, but when it comes down to it, it is no different than that of a housed pet.

Dog Coats for Homeless People | RSPCA

This winter over 300,000 people in Britain will be homeless. For many, their dog is their lifeline.Our inspectors have been out sharing a little #KindnessAtChristmas, making sure these canine companions have coats to keep them warm and snug. 💙

Posted by RSPCA (England & Wales) on Monday, December 18, 2017

These dogs are with their human counterparts 24 hours a day, providing company, comfort, joy, and even protection to a group of the population most vulnerable to stress and danger. Because the RSPCA is dedicated to the welfare of all animals, they took it upon themselves to clothe these pets in coats.

RSPCA director of field operations Amy Quirk said in a press release: 

"As many of these people told us, their dogs are their lifeline and they want to do the very best for them, so by handing out these coats, we are just helping them in a small way to keep the pets they rely on so much happy and healthy."


If you wish to help the homeless and their companion animals this winter, check out Pets of the Homeless, which provides food and no-cost medical care in various cities throughout the U.S. And to donate to the RSPCA, click here.

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RSPCA Donating Coats to Dogs Who Live with Homeless People