RSPCA Christmas Ad Stresses That Pets Are Not Throw-Away Gifts

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Grab some're going to need them.

The RSPCA's 2017 Christmas ad brings us the story of Woody, a stuffed dog given as a Christmas gift to a young boy.

At first, Woody is a treated as cherished member of the family. Over time, however, he is eventually forgotten and thrown out with the trash.

Watch what happens to Woody the stuffed toy puppy after he's abandoned by his family:

Woody, in this case, obviously isn't a real dog, but he represents all of the animals the RSPCA (and other humane societies and animal rescue charities) take in and care for. Luckily, even the toy dog as a happy ending thanks to the British animal charity.

The song that played behind the touching ad was performed by Lucy Ellie, an RSPCA employee. She played an acoustic cover of a Simply Red song written by Mike Hucknall. Some of the scenes were filmed at the RSPCA Birmingham Animal Centre. Manager Deborah Caffull told Daily Mail:

"While this video shows the tale of a toy dog - the sentiment behind the story is very real. We rescue, rehabilitate and rehome dogs just like Woody every day, all year round."

Woody's story is all too common, and this RSPCA Christmas advert is a wonderful and poignant reminder that pets - of any species - are NOT throw-away gifts under any circumstances.

Remember, pet ownership is a serious responsibility and a major financial, emotional, and time commitment. Do not bring an animal into your home unless you are fully prepared to provide proper care for the duration of its life.

And if you ARE ready to take on the various responsibilities of pet ownership, remember to adopt, don't shop. You'll be saving a life.

You can also learn more about RSPCA at and their mission to save all animals who need help in the U.K., from small animals to exotic pets.

What do you think of the RSPCA's touching Christmas ad? Tell us in the comments section!

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