Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship Rescues St. Martin Evacuees and Their Pets

Posted by Krissy Howard
Miami Herald

In the wake of Hurricane Irma, many people living on the island of St. Martin are forced to leave their pets behind while evacuating, but one cruise line allowed everyone on board.

As one of the Caribbean islands hit hardest by Hurricane Irma, life on St. Martin has not been easy. Many are evacuating the island, but some don't want to go, as they refuse to leave their pets behind.

Pet-owning evacuees were finally met with a solution when Miami-based cruise line, Royal Caribbean International, allowed passengers to board with their four-legged friends in tow, according to a report by the Miami Herald.

Many St. Martin residents had attempted to evacuate, only to have their pets turned away by rescue efforts, including Jack Schultz, who was denied entry on two military evacuation flights and a boat ride after refusing to leave his two dogs behind.

Miami Herald

Recognizing a need to help more than just the bipedal lives affected by Hurricane Irma, Royal Caribbean sent their ship The Majesty of the Seas to offer a solution.

Seating 2,767 people, the ship picked up 304 people and 16 pets from the U.S. Virgin Islands and St. Martin. Although there wasn't a designated "pet area" on board, the ship's crew laid out large litter boxes for pets to relieve themselves, as well as a jogging track for exercising. Pets were also allowed to share sleeper cabins with their owners at night.

In addition to transporting evacuees and their pets off the island, the cruise line worked with PETA late last week to deliver food and other donated supplies to those still living on the island.

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Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship Rescues St. Martin Evacuees and Their Pets