Rosie the Pony Will Scratch Your Back if You'll Scratch Hers

Posted by Paige Cerulli

When Rosie the pony is lucky enough to receive back scratches, she's happy to return the favor.

Meet Rosie the pony. Rosie had to soak her hooves in a bucket because of an injury, so Rosie's human friend hopped in to help Rosie out. The girl gave Rosie back scratches, and Rosie happily gave the girl some scratches in return.

This is an adorable scene. Most horses participate in mutual grooming in a herd, but they don't always return the favor when a human grooms them. When a horse grooms a human back, it's a sign of trust and in this case, it's a testament to the relationship that this girl and Rosie the pony have created. Take a look.

Hopefully you'll never need to soak your horse's hooves in a bucket, but if you do, anything to provide your horse with some distraction can help encourage him to stay put. Back scratches are great, and you can also try massaging your horse a bit, if he's comfortable with it. Massage can help horses to relax, but it's best to only try this on your horse if you've already massaged him in the past.

There are other ways that you can set your horse up for success. Try to soak his hooves during a time when there is little activity at the barn, and when your horse isn't looking for an upcoming meal. You might try setting up a hay net for your horse to eat from while he soaks his hooves.

If you're not sure how your horse will react to having his hooves placed in a bucket, then be sure to hold your horse's lead rope, rather than tying him to anything. And if your horse doesn't tolerate standing in a bucket, you might give hoof-soaking boots a try, instead. Or try some back scratching - you never know!

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Rosie the Pony Will Scratch Your Back if You'll Scratch Hers