Rosie Napravnik Teaches Harry Connick Junior How to Be a Jockey

Posted by Paige Cerulli
Harry Connick Junior

Harry Connick Junior found himself in the irons when jockey Rosie Napravnik taught him a bit about what it takes to ride a racehorse.

It's no secret that it's tough to be a jockey, but many people underestimate just what's involved in this high-speed profession.

In the video below, Napravnik talks a bit about how to balance on the horse while "scrubbing" their neck and mane, which encourages them to lengthen their stride. It's a balancing act, and while Connick struggled to master it aboard a stationary horse, jockeys do this every day on a galloping horse going at top speed.

Connick also had to learn how to manage his four pairs of goggles so that he'd be able to see during a race. Take a look!

If there's anyone to learn from, it's Napravnik. She's one of the few female jockeys racing today, and in 2012, she broke Julie Krone's record of total wins and earnings held by a female rider. She has won multiple Breeder's Cup races, is a two-time winner of the Kentucky Oaks, and even raced in the Triple Crown races. In 2013, Napravnik finished 5th in the Kentucky Derby and 3rd place finish in the Preakness Stakes. Those are the best Triple Crown race finishes for a female jockey to date.

Love the horse that Connick's riding? It's an Equiciser, and it's actually a useful tool to help riders learn new skills, develop their strength, and get in extra saddle time when a real horse isn't available. The exercise rider simulates the horse's movement, allowing you to use the same muscles that you would use when riding. Ellen DeGeneres recently put her horse racing skills to the test playing polo on an Equiciser.

Would you ever want to be a jockey? Let us know why or why not in the comments.

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Rosie Napravnik Teaches Harry Connick Junior How to Be a Jockey