Rory the Dashboard Cat Is the Chillest Co-Pilot

Posted by Tori Holmes
Images via Da Roarier/Instagram

Anyone who commutes to work knows what a headache the daily experience can be. That is unless you have the world's most adorable passenger to keep you company.

With bad weather, rush hour traffic, and everything in between, the time you spend driving to and from work is no picnic.

This is probably why the driver of this car found a unique dashboard ornament to keep them company while on the road.

Meet Rory.

Traffic means sleepy time for me ???????? #cat #catstagram #adoptdontshop #catproblems

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Rory, also known as the dashboard cat, loves nothing more than to ride around on the dash of his owner's car.

The picture of calmness, Rory is just what you need to make your daily commute bearable. How can you feel even an ounce of road rage after looking at his adorable body sprawled out in front of you?

Call me the dashboard cat -Rory ???? #myfirstpost #catchthevibe #dashboardconfessions #bestmeow

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If you can't find a Rory of your own, you can follow his road-tripping adventures on Instagram. If you feel the stress of your commute starting to build, just take a scroll through his profile. Better yet, print off a picture of him and tape it to the dash of your own car. That way it's like having your very own travel buddy.

See you on the road, Rory!

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Rory the Dashboard Cat Is the Chillest Co-Pilot