Can You Guess Who Wins When a Rooster Fights a Cobra?

Posted by Daphne Cybele
rooster protecting flock

What a battle...

Although roosters come in many sizes, shapes, and colors, if there is one thing that all roosters have in common, it's a very strong drive to protect their flock from potential predators. That strong protective drive was captured on video and shows a rooster protecting his flock from a lethal king cobra snake in Andhra Pradesh, India.  

In the video, the rooster seems to herd the snake away from the rest of the flock in a protective manner. In a fierce and fast battle of speed and reflexes, the rooster manages to weaken the large cobra by landing a series of fierce pecks. The speedy rooster darts out of range each time he manages to land pecks, so agile and fast that the cobra could not land a single bite. And that's important because even a single cobra bite would have been deadly. How deadly? The venom from a cobra bite is enough to kill 20 people, according to National Geographic

Watch the video below to see the rooster protecting his flock, and then the victorious rooster swallowing the cobra:

It's not unusual to see chickens all around the world eat insects, vermin, and even small snakes. However, it is pretty unusual to see a chicken battle a bigger snake like a cobra. The rooster's owners actually tried to break up the fight according to UPI because they were afraid the cobra would kill the rooster.

But the odds were in the rooster's favor!

Was the rooster trying to protect his flock, or was he simply looking for a tasty treat? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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Can You Guess Who Wins When a Rooster Fights a Cobra?