Romeo the Cat and Juliet the Dog Must Be Adopted Together, Says Shelter

Posted by Amber King

Parting would be such sweet sorrow for these unlikely animal friends.

When Romeo, a seventh-month-old orange tabby cat was found huddling under a car, his best friend Juliet, a Miniature Schnauzer, was curled around him. The two make an unlikely pair, but they're inseparable nonetheless.

When Romeo and Juliet were brought to the Chula Vista Animal Care Facility in California, Amanda Mills told ABC News:

"They immediately showed they didn't want to be separated, and they physically tried to stay together. "

unlikely animal friends

Mills, who is a an administrator at the shelter, recognized what she calls a "bonded pair."

"A bonded pair to us is an animal that physically and behaviorally deteriorates without their companion."

The evidence of this was made clear when Romeo and Juliet were separated upon their arrival at the shelter. Dogs and cats are usually kept in separate areas for obvious reasons.

But once Romeo was put in a kennel with other cats, his health seriously deteriorated.

"Romeo got kind of sick, pretty depressed. He wasn't' eating well, and he was lethargic and didn't want to play. Even his coat and fur weren't in good condition."

Shelter staff members did what they could to try and revitalize the young cat. They gave him fluids and vitamin injections, but nothing worked. But that was before someone went down the hall to get Juliet.

unlikely animal friends

The instant Romeo saw Juliet through the glass wall, he began to perk up. Reuniting the star-crossed friends prevented what was quickly turning into a Shakespearean tragedy.

According to Mills;

"They just needed to be together."

After some quick rearranging, a special enclosure was made to keep the friends together. Juliet, the protector of the two, guards her feline friend despite the fact that nature says they don't belong together.

It's not uncommon for a shelter animal to form a powerful bond with a special friend, but a cat and dog? That's special. Mills said,

"We've had two dogs bonded or two cats, but never a dog and a cat. It's definitely a first for our shelter, and we're very glad to have them here."

Both Juliet and Romeo are up for adoption, but only as long as they can stay together.

All images by Chula Vista Animal Care Facility via ABC News

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Romeo the Cat and Juliet the Dog Must Be Adopted Together, Says Shelter