Rolling Dog Farm: A Haven for Disabled Animals

Posted by TF Oren
All photos via Rolling Dog Farm

Nobody's perfect, and everyone needs a place to call home.

For some very lucky animals, Rolling Dog Farm is that special place. Nestled on 120 acres in the White Mountains of northern New Hampshire, Rolling Dog Farm is a haven for disabled dogs (and a few horses). The dogs come to the nonprofit sanctuary from humane societies, rescue groups, and animal control facilities from across the country.

From blind dogs to deaf dogs, to those with orthopedic and neurological issues, Rolling Dog's residents face all sorts of challenges. Rolling Dog's number one focus is disabled dogs, but over the years, the farm has provided loving care and shelter to other kinds of disabled rescue animals, including horses and cats.


Rolling Dog Farm has come a long way from its beginnings in western Montana. First established as Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary in back in 2000, founders Steve Smith and Alayne Marker left lucrative corporate jobs in Seattle to pursue their dream of creating a safe haven for the country's most vulnerable animals. The sanctuary moved from Montana to New Hampshire in 2010, and changed its name to fit its New England setting.

The farm is home to about 25 residents at any given time. Because the organization specializes in caring for the most at-risk (and therefore, least adoptable) animals, most of whom have extensive medical and psychological needs, the farm no longer provides adoption services. Rolling Dog Farm is a forever home for every animal that arrives.


Smith and Marker draw great inspiration from watching their residents overcome everyday challenges and enjoy a wonderful quality of life.

"Each and every one of them loves being alive...Despite their disabilities, they want nothing more than a chance to enjoy life. And that's what they get to do here," says Rolling Dog's website.

Rolling Dog Farm is a nonprofit organization that depends on the support of the public to continue its lifesaving work. Volunteer opportunities are available on a short-term and special project basis. You can learn more about Rolling Dog's operations, meet the residents, read the blog, and find out about volunteering here, on the farm's official website.

All photos via Rolling Dog Farm

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Rolling Dog Farm: A Haven for Disabled Animals