Robert Redford Supports Equine Advocates' Petition to Stop Equine Slaughter

Posted by TF Oren
Robert Redford. Photo by Kristina Loggia via

Robert Redford has had a life and career that most can only dream about.

He's an award-winning actor, director, and founder of the Sundance Film Festival. But that's not all. In addition, he's a passionate environmentalist and humanitarian.

He's also a horse lover; in fact, he's loved horses his whole life.

For many years, he's publicly spoken out against equine slaughter, and now, he's taken his advocacy to a new level.

Nice purebred mares looking over corral door

In 2013, Redford penned a letter for Equine Advocates in support of the American Equine Summit. In the letter, Redford made a number of arguments in favor of banning horse slaughter.

Now, Redford has thrown his support behind a petition asking President Obama and Vice President Biden to end the practice of equine slaughter before they leave the White House.

Redford's 2013 letter outlining his arguments against equine slaughter is as follows:


If you'd like to sign the petition headed to the White House, you can do so here.

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