Rio's Athlete Accommodations May Be Under Par, But the Equestrian Barns Are Top Notch

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Athletes in Rio are facing some unusual accommodation issues, but the horses are lucking out with top-notch equestrian barns.

If you've followed the media coverage of the Olympics in Rio at all, then you're probably aware of the fact that Rio has been plagued with issues from the start.

Unfortunately, the athletes' housing is no exception, and athletes are encountering some very unusual situations. From unfinished sinks, crowded housing, and beds that are shorter than the athletes, well, Olympians aren't exactly living in the lap of luxury right now. The Indian hockey team even arrived to discover no furnishings in their rooms at all.

But the equestrian barns are a whole different story.


The Rio equestrian barns are the place to be. These barns are under tight security to help keep the horses safe. They're outfitted with top-notch features, including custom-built roomy stalls, cooling systems, and more. The stables are also sparkling clean in order to keep the horses healthy and happy.

Unlike the athletes who are facing beds that are too small or completely nonexistent, the Olympic horses are provided with a choice of bedding. The barns have access to 175 tons of pine shavings. Of course, some horses are allergic, so shredded paper bedding is also available. Anything for the equine athletes' comfort!

And don't worry - the horses also eat well, too. During the competition, horses will eat over 30 tons of hay. And most of that timothy hay has been shipped in from the United States, with Brazil supplementing Bermudagrass and alfalfa. The United States competitors are even giving their horses bottled water to avoid potential issues with the water in Brazil.


But that's not all. The horses receive the ultimate in treatment during their stay. Horses receive treatments such as poultices, massages, acupuncture, chiropractic work, and even ultrasound therapy during the Olympics. They're carefully monitored by vets who are continually present on the grounds, and they're tended to by grooms who know their preferences, personalities, and personal schedules.

It pays off to be an equine athlete in Rio right now. No expense is spared in the equestrian barns, and the horses receive premium treatment to keep them in the best health and shape possible.

France leads the equestrian team in gold medals as of today. Tune in for more events as the Olympics in Rio continue so you can watch these pampered horses!

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Rio's Athlete Accommodations May Be Under Par, But the Equestrian Barns Are Top Notch