Riding Around the World: 6 Awesome Equestrian Vacations

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These incredible equestrian vacations are sure to thrill any horse lover.  

One of the best things about horses is that they can be found everywhere in the world. From Quarter horses in the United States to Arabians in Egypt, almost every trip can be turned into an equestrian vacation somehow, but there are also hundreds of travel packages built with horse lovers in mind.

Here are six of the best ones for your trip planning purposes.

Go foxhunting in Ireland on quality Irish hunters.

Ireland is known all over the world for its hunting, and on the Aille Cross Country Trail riders are offered the chance to hunt in the beautiful Galway countryside alongside the Galway Blazers hunt club.

The package includes six days of riding with one to three days hunting, and unlike many other hunting holidays, riders have ample opportunity to get to know their horse beforehand.


Ride alongside elephants and zebras in Africa.

During the Masai Mara Safari you will explore the Serengeti on horseback, leaving behind the tourist vans, roads, and lodges. Along the way you may encounter everything from cape buffalo, giraffes, impala, warthogs and gazelle, to elephants, hippos, and any of the predators that feed on them.

You may want to plan your trip in June or July to catch some of the big Serengeti herds as they move through the area.


Explore the desert aboard the ancient Arabian horse.

The stable for the Palms And Pyramids excursion is located right in the middle of the line of pyramids that stretch between Giza and Dahshur.

Riders can enjoy daily exploratory rides through the farmlands as well as the desert that is scattered with pyramids and sarcophagi. The eight-day tour includes five days of riding and other activities such as a Nile River cruise.

Unicorn Trails

Wander Mongolia with the Reindeer Herders.

Riders get to explore the remote and inaccessible region of northern Mongolia and the unique culture of the Reindeer Herders during the Spirit of the Reindeer Herders tour.

There are only 30-40 herding families still living this traditional lifestyle and they are constantly on the move to find food for their reindeer, thus maintaining a culture completely separate to that of the traditional Mongolian nomads.

This 17-day tour is not for the faint of heart, but is an incredible look into a unique culture.


Experience the cowboy (or girl!) lifestyle in the western United States.

For something a little closer to home, head to Padlock Ranch in Ranchester, Wyoming to experience the great American West as it still thrives today.

From riding, roping, herding, and branding, riders are able to take part in all the daily activities of ranch life and do it all while enjoying stunning scenery and luxurious food and accommodations at the Wolf Mountain lodge.

Montana Bunkhouses

Ride across Iceland on the unique Icelandic horse.

Riding is an integral part to the Icelandic culture, and during the Fjallabak Tour, riders will be able to experience the joy of the unique Icelandic horse and its remarkably smooth gaits, the tölt and the pace.

Thanks to these horses, the tour includes otherwise inaccessible areas of Iceland, from wild volcanic landscapes to snow-capped mountains, lava deserts, and immense snow fields. Riders will ride with a herd of 30-50 horses and will be able to change horses throughout the nine-day trip.


Any of these vacations is sure to thrill the horse lover in you. Ride on!

Have you taken a horse vacation? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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Riding Around the World: 6 Awesome Equestrian Vacations