Rider Plays Hot Lava and Climbs Horse to Avoid Elimination

Posted by Paige Cerulli

When a near-tumble threatens elimination, rider Rick Wallace shows off the incredible tenacity and stickability that eventing riders are known for. 

Eventing riders are known for their stickability and determination. After all, you need both to get around a cross-country course successfully. But eventer Rick Wallace shows off incredible tenacity - and upper body strength - when things go awry during a show jumping round and he must avoid elimination.

Eventing riders compete in three phases - dressage, cross-country, and show jumping. Their scores from all three phases are added together to determine their overall placing in the competition, so it's important to complete all three phases if at all possible. In show jumping, you can knock down fences and continue on - but falling off your horse or touching the ground will mean elimination.

When a bad distance tosses rider Rick Wallace from the saddle, he must stay on his horse and avoid touching the ground in order to be able to continue on. The result? A serious game of hot lava. Take a look.

Sometimes, being determined and tenacious pays off. Other times, it doesn't. Despite Wallace's best efforts, he's unable to keep himself from touching the ground. Unfortunately, the lack of a complete show jumping phase likely lowered his placing in the competition.

But, riding is full of the unexpected. You never know what will happen when you mount up or head into a competition. It's part of what keeps the sport interesting, and what keeps us continuously working to improve our skills. Hopefully Wallace will be a bit luckier next time, though if eventing gave out awards for effort, he would have certainly been a winner.

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Rider Plays Hot Lava and Climbs Horse to Avoid Elimination