Last Minute Christmas Shopping Is Better on a Horse

Posted by Paige Cerulli
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When one rider went Christmas shopping with her horse, it proved to be quite the beautiful outing. 

When you go Christmas shopping, you probably hop into your car and head down to the local mall. Maybe you never leave your house, preferring to do your shopping online to avoid busy stores, long lines, and traffic. For Vicky Mathiesen, though, Christmas shopping takes on a different meaning. Because Vicky goes Christmas shopping with her horse. 

Vicky took her horse to the local Christmas market. They headed out for a stroll, enjoying the sights, perusing the local businesses, and getting quite a bit of attention from other shoppers. Vicky's horse demonstrated just how bombproof he was as he dealt with traffic, signs, Christmas lights, and other sights that would startle most horses.

Take a look at this unusual Christmas stroll.

Now, we don't advocate taking your horse into a busy downtown setting and strolling around. In fact, please don't do this, especially if your horse hasn't been exposed to the setting. But for Vicky, Christmas shopping with her horse was a fun outing and a chance to let people see a horse up close and personal. She likely gave some horse-crazy kids quite the treat of being able to see a horse while shopping.

While a holiday stroll into town might not be the right choice for your horse, there are plenty of other ways you can get out and enjoy the holidays on horseback. Hit the trails with some friends, or meet up on Christmas morning for a Christmas ride - bonus points if there's snow! You might also participate in a Christmas parade in your town if your horse is the calm, steady type.

Have a wonderful Christmas with your horse!

Do you have any fun holiday events planned with your horse? Tell us about them in the comments!

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Last Minute Christmas Shopping Is Better on a Horse