Experienced U.K. Rider Dies When Lead Rope Wraps Around Her Neck

Posted by Paige Cerulli
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In a tragic accident, a rider was killed when a lead rope became wrapped around her neck and the horse bolted. 

Kathryn Bull, 39 years old of Nottinghamshire was killed in a tragic accident. Bull, an experienced horseperson, was dragged 450 feet across a field when the rope attached to a horse she was leading became wrapped around her neck.

The horse bolted, pulling Bull along with him.

bull 1

Bull had run the Cross Lane Equestrian Centre for many years, and the accident occurred at the centre. Bull was standing between two horses and had attached a lead rope to one horse.

The first lead rope was draped across her shoulders and Bull was preparing to catch the second horse when the first horse bolted.

bull 2

No one is sure just why the rope was across Bull's shoulders, as it is against the centre's practices and Bull was highly experienced in handling horses. Unfortunately it took just a few seconds to create a tragic circumstance.

Steve Bull, Kathryn's husband, has established the Kathryn Bull Memorial Fund to help promote local riders. The fund will sponsor an annual award in Bull's memory.

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What happened to Bull was tragic, but it serves as a reminder about the importance of safety when working around horses. When we spend time with horses every day, it's easy to become a bit lax in our handling skills, especially when we're working with horses that we trust. Ultimately, horses are flight animals who are much larger and more powerful than we are. When we become too comfortable, accidents can happen.

Take just a minute to remind yourself to be careful when you're working with horses, even when you're not mounted. Casually looping a rope around your arm can lead to disaster before you even know it. Stay safe, be careful, and have fun.

All images: DailyMail.co.uk

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Experienced U.K. Rider Dies When Lead Rope Wraps Around Her Neck