This Rider Chooses an Unusual Way to Cool Off During a Horse Show

Posted by Paige Cerulli

When things go awry, this rider finds quite the unusual way to cool off despite being in the middle of a horse show.

It never fails: Horse show mornings always seem to be a million degrees and at 99% humidity. Of course those show helmets and jackets don't help, only adding to the sweat dripping down your back as you and your horse canter around the course of fences. Well, this rider had had enough of the heat and found quite the unusual way to cool off during a horse show.

Take a look:

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Okay, so maybe that's not the ideal way to cool off. At least when things went wrong, there was at least the benefit of being a little bit cooler.

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There are better ways to stay cool during horse shows. Start by buying a show shirt and jacket designed to allow plenty of airflow for hot summer days. It won't completely keep you cool, but today's clothing technology is a big step forward from wool hunt coats. Don't forget to buy a helmet that has air vents, too.

Next, stay in the shade as much as possible. Get to the show grounds early to find a parking space in a shaded area--this can make a big difference.

You may also want to purchase some cooling towels to drape over yourself and your horse during downtime. These innovative towels are moisture-activated, meaning once you get them wet, they'll turn cool. Wring out the towels thoroughly and put one around your neck to cool the blood vessels that run to your head. Your horse will also appreciate a larger towel draped over his neck and rump.

Finally, have cool water available at all times. Even if you don't feel thirsty, make sure that you keep drinking throughout the day. The same is true of your horse. Staying hydrated is essential to staying healthy and comfortable during summer horse shows.

How do you cope with hot summer horse shows? Let us know in the comments section below.

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This Rider Chooses an Unusual Way to Cool Off During a Horse Show