Artist Creates Huge Cat Hedges Using Photoshop

Posted by Samantha Bubar
All images via The Topiary Cat Facebook

Artist Richard Saunders memorializes his late Russian Blue cat, Tolly, by creating topiary cats using Photoshop. 

It all started when Richard Saunders, surrealist artist, realized he could use Photoshop to place his beloved Russian Blue, Tolly, into landscapes as an oversized abstract topiary.

Here's his animal sleeping:

topiary cat

He posted the first image on Flickr, a photo sharing site, and it soon went viral.

topiary cat

Without his name, people online started believing that these cats were an actual landmark; that these oversized topiary cats were somewhere in the world that they could go visit. He wasn't trying to deceive people, only trying to create surrealist art.

He realized that people loved what he was doing. His artwork featuring Tolly was reaching the entire world. He was certainly "bemused" by the attention his artwork was getting. And thus began his Topiary Cat series.

Here's Tolly cat drinking water:

topiary cat

The Topiary Cat art has it's own Facebook page for fans from all over the world to comment, as well as a website to order prints and cards.

Saunders is retired after 40 years in the advertising business. He has worked with oils since his teenage years, when he was plagued by surrealist dreams.

Richard Saunders

He continued to work in oils until Photoshop came along. He lives in Hertfordshire, England.

When Tolly the beloved cat passed away in February of 2016, Mr. Saunders turned to his Facebook following. He wasn't sure that he could continue creating the photos of Tolly as a topiary art form.

His following encouraged him to continue. They confided that seeing pictures of Tolly helped them through the passing of their own pets over the Rainbow Bridge.

Russian blue cat

Because of the support of the Topiary Cat following, Tolly continues to go on adventures throughout the world.

topiary cat

You can purchase copies of his artwork here. Don't forget to 'Like' on social media: Facebook and Instagram!

What do you think of these giant cat hedges? Tell us in the comments. 

All images via The Topiary Cat Facebook.

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Artist Creates Huge Cat Hedges Using Photoshop