Not Your Typical Dog House: Riceball the Chihuahua Has the Most Enviable Little Pad

Posted by Paige Cerulli

If you want to truly pamper your pet, get him his own miniature pad like Riceball the Chihuahua. 

There are tons of ways to pamper your pet today. There are luxury cat beds, amazing dog toys, and even special feeding systems to accommodate your pet's natural instincts to hunt.

You can get your pet groomed, schedule a massage with a massage therapist, and treat him to the finest pet food out there. But we think that Riceball the Chihuahua might be the most pampered pet of all. Why? Because he has his own miniature pad.

Now to be truthful, we're a little envious. Riceball's miniature pad is more luxurious than some people's actual rooms. Just take a look.

When it's time to get some work done, Riceball has everything he needs right at his desk.

And let's not forget about his Chihuahua-sized dog bed, either.

Afraid of the dark? Riceball has a glowing fish tank to solve that problem.

His room is big enough to accommodate friends, too.

Every dog needs his own accessories.

And of course you have to decorate for Christmas.

Riceball will never be bored, thanks to all of the fun toys he has in his room.

It looks like Riceball has a pretty sweet life.

Alright, so maybe you won't be making your dog his own very special room. But you can treat him to a great dog bed, or set up a crate so that he has his own special, secure spot in the house.

Your dog's digs don't need to be as involved as Riceball's, but just giving your dog a special spot of his own can help him to feel secure and safe.

Want to be friends with Riceball? Be sure to follow his Instagram page!

What do you think of Riceball's room? Let us know in the comments below!

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Not Your Typical Dog House: Riceball the Chihuahua Has the Most Enviable Little Pad