Retiring Sacramento Police K9 Rollo Gets an Adorable Send-Off

Posted by Paige Cerulli
K9 gets retirement party
All images: Sacramento Police Canine Association via Facebook

When police K9 Rollo was ready to retire, he got an awesome send-off that was truly worthy of the hero that he is. 

Where would we be without our police dogs? These incredible dogs are trained to take down suspects, sniff out drugs, and help to keep their human police partners safe.

After serving with the Sacramento Police for nine years, police K9 Rollo was finally ready to retire. He, along with his handler, Officer Linda Matthew, both retired at the same time. And boy, did they get an awesome send-off.


This pair set precedents; Officer Matthew was the first female handler to work in the Sacramento Police Department, and Rollo was the first Dutch Shepherd to act as a K9 with the Sacramento Police.

Even better, Rollo is a rescue dog, coming from the North American Dutch Shepherd Rescue.



The Sacramento Police Canine Association wrote the following touching statement on their Facebook page:

"During their time together, Officer Linda Matthew and Rollo patrolled the streets of Sacramento with the toughness and grit you would expect from a hard-working, crime-fighting duo. There was hardly a felony in progress that ever was broadcast that did not have a 'K91 enroute' immediately following it. However, most citizens would recognize Officer Matthew & Rollo by the thousands of public appearances, children's events, and schools that the two visited on a weekly basis. Officer Matthew & Rollo were as tough as they came, but their true gift to our unit and our citizens was the heart & soul they provided to us all... They will not be easily replaced."

Officer Matthew will be transferring to the Office of the Chief where she will work as a Public Information Officer, and Rollo will be enjoying life as a canine citizen at home. Officer Matthew has indeed agreed to adopt Rollo.

screen-shot-2016-12-12-at-3-33-49-pmOf course, as a proper goodbye, Rollo got an awesome retirement party - just take a look at this specially decorated car, all for him!


Congratulations, Officer Matthew and Rollo, and thank you for your service!

What do you think of this sweet send-off? Let us know in the comments below!

All images: Sacramento Police Canine Association via Facebook

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Retiring Sacramento Police K9 Rollo Gets an Adorable Send-Off