Rescuers Save Terrified, Injured Donkey from Highway

Posted by TF Oren

When India's Animal Aid Unlimited received a call about an injured donkey standing on a busy highway, rescuers wasted no time.

When Animal Aid rescue workers arrived on the scene, the gravity of the donkey's situation became clear.

The donkey had been hit by a car, and had a deep gash on his shoulder. Bleeding and frozen with fear, he stood in the middle of the highway. Cars and trucks whizzed past, barely missing him.

Rescuers knew they needed to remove the injured donkey immediately. They rushed into the road and picked him up. The donkey was so scared, he didn't move a muscle as he was being lifted up and carried to the rescue truck.

When the donkey arrived at Animal Aid Unlimited's rescue facility, he began receiving emergency veterinary care. Workers cleaned his wound and tended to it every morning.

After 54 days, the donkey, named Hobnob, was finally healed and feeling much better about life.

If you'd like to help Animal Aid Unlimited continue to save precious lives like Hobnob's, click here.

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Rescuers Save Terrified, Injured Donkey from Highway