Rescuers Find Dog Seeking Shelter From Storm in Abandoned Hospital

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dog seeking shelter in abandoned hospital
Facebook/World Animal Protection

Hurricanes Irma and Maria devastated islands in the Caribbean Sea, and animals were forced to seek shelter anywhere they could.

While families evacuated their homes on the islands of St. Martin, St. John, and Barbuda in preparation for Category 5 wind and rain, many animals were left behind. Hoping to save lives, relief organizations deployed teams to help pick up the pieces.

World Animal Protection works across the globe to protect all species of animals, and they were in Barbuda last week. They brought food and fresh water to the areas worst hit by the storms. Determined to help as many animals as possible, they searched the island looking for dogs that were hiding out from the storms.

A dog finds shelter in a ruined hospital building after Hurric...

Our team found this lonely dog sheltering in a hospital in Barbuda this week.Sadly, the building and everything inside it had been ruined by Hurricane Irma. This is what most buildings now look like on the island.Please donate for animals whose lives have been torn apart by the disaster:

Posted by World Animal Protection on Wednesday, September 20, 2017

A video posted to the World Animal Protection Facebook page shows an abandoned hospital that turned into a safe haven for a scared dog. While the building was still standing, trash and debris littered the floor. The female dog was found cowering among toppled furniture, but she seemed happy and relieved to see the smiling faces of human rescuers.

There's no way to tell whether the dog they found is someone's lost pet or a stray, but World Animal Protection won't leave without making sure she's okay. They continue to work in the wake of the devastating hurricanes and need all the help they can get.

Consider donating to their cause to help this dog and many others affected by the hurricanes.

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Rescuers Find Dog Seeking Shelter From Storm in Abandoned Hospital