Rescued Pit Bulls Star in Chicago Circus Act

Posted by Krissy Howard

Midnight Circus in the Parks is featuring rescued pit bull-type dogs in their acts and dispelling the stigma associated with the breed with every trick. 

Rescued dogs from the city of Chicago are now stars of a circus act, sharing the stage with their human family members. Performing in skits, jumping through hoops, and tumbling with clowns, these pit bull-type pups are showing everyone the value of adoption, and are breaking down the stigmas associated with the breed with every performance.

According to a recent report from Today, the circus was founded in the mid-1990s when husband and wife collaborators Jeff (a former Ringling Brothers clown) and Julie Jenkins hit the stage with their adopted pit bull-type dog, Lola. Together, they put on shows all over Chicago and now do so to raise funds for the city's parks.

Lola has since passed, but her legacy is carried on in the performances of the Jenkins' two dogs, 11-year-old Junebug, and two-year-old Rosie Rae. Both dogs were adopted in Chicago, and after being given the structure, boundaries, and caring compassion so needed for a dog to thrive, are now packing in huge crowds.

Their shows have raised over $1 million for local parks, and are scheduled to donate proceeds from an upcoming performance to help those affected by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. In addition to their philanthropic efforts, the use of this specific breed is aimed at educating everyone about the true nature of the bully breed.

Often associated with violence, the breed has been unfairly discriminated against for years, preventing many responsible pet owners from finding housing that will accept their dogs, to entire cities banning anything resembling the breed entirely. With their circus act, the Jenkins family and their team of performers are allowing the true characteristics of many bully dogs to shine, presenting a loyal dog who aims to please, learns quickly, and loves their companions.

For more information on Midnight Circus in the Parks, you can visit them online here.

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Rescued Pit Bulls Star in Chicago Circus Act