Untrained Rescue Pit Bull Saves Boy from Seizures

Posted by Krissy Howard

A match made in heaven, a pit bull with a natural knack for sniffing out seizures ends up finding a forever home with a young boy who relies on his talents. 

Things weren't always easy for a pit bull named Brutus. Abandoned by his former owners, Brutus was found by neighbors, scared and alone behind a fence on the property. After realizing that the big guy was left to fend for himself with nothing more than a bag of food spilled onto the floor of his former home, good Samaritans called Unchain Oklahoma, a Tulsa-based nonprofit organization that works to help abandoned animals find their forever homes.

Thanks to the kind and tireless efforts of volunteers who worked for a year and a half to socialize Brutus and teach him basic commands, which he apparently picked up right away, Brutus found his match, and he's not the only one benefitting from the fateful pairing.

The family of a 10-year-old boy known only as Jason adopted the abandoned dog and quickly learned that Brutus has a natural inclination toward recognizing seizures. Twice, Brutus has alerted Jason's mom by staying with the boy and barking to get her attention -- once during an episode, and once before the boy had even begun to seize at all.

"I feel like he's in better hands with that pit than he is with anybody," Jason's mother said in an interview with Fox 23 News, as shown in the video.

Brutus does all of this, mind you, with no formal training. Recognizing his special gift, the family has since had Brutus therapy dog certified, and will soon begin to visit area nursing homes in Southeast Oklahoma.

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Untrained Rescue Pit Bull Saves Boy from Seizures