Tiny Kitten Rescued and Joins Family But Bonds with Baby Strongest

Posted by TF Oren
cat and baby
All photos by Jessica Davis via The Dodo

A kitten's cries are hard to ignore.

At least that's how Matthew Davis felt when he came across a tiny kitten crying on the porch of his daughter's daycare.

It was raining and the crying kitten was sopping wet. Davis left the daycare and the kitten followed him to his car. It broke his heart, so he took pity on the kitten and took it home with him.


The Davis family searched for the owners of the 12-week-old kitten. However, after talking to other residents of the neighborhood, they learned that the kitten had been abandoned. That sealed it. They made the kitten, which they named Doug, a permanent member of the family.

From the moment he set food in the Davis household, little Doug was a purring, cuddling ball of happiness.

"He just instantly became part of the family," said Jessica Davis.


Doug formed an especially strong bond with the youngest Davis, baby Rowan. Doug loves to stay as close to Rowan as possible, often snuggling and laying on top of him.

And Rowan is equally fond of Doug.

"Rowan is fascinated by Doug and Doug is so patient and friendly with Rowan," Davis said.


Doug's sweet story is a perfect example of how rescue changes lives - not just an animal's but a rescuer's as well.

If you're thinking of adding a pet to your family, adopt, don't shop. You'll be saving a life.

All photos by Jessica Davis via The Dodo.

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Tiny Kitten Rescued and Joins Family But Bonds with Baby Strongest