Rescue Volunteers Help Save Herd of Horses from Rushing Floods

Posted by Paige Cerulli

When a herd of horses got caught up in floodwaters, rescuers rushed to the scene and saved every single horse. 

Sometimes events occur which restore your faith in humanity. This is one of those events. When a herd of horses suddenly found themselves in floodwaters, it took teamwork and dedicated rescuers to help the horses to safety.

The herd had been grazing in a field near the town of Ishim in south-central Russia. When a nearby river burst its banks, the horses were quickly submerged up to their necks. The water was fast-flowing, and the horses were in trouble.

Locals tried to help the horses, but the powerful water made rescues difficult. Emergency crews were called and rescuers quickly arrived.

The rescuers waded into the floodwaters, attempting to herd the horses to the nearest dry land. Then rescuers took dinghies out into the water to round up the horses that they hadn't yet rescued, guiding them to the safety of land.

You can see the video of the incredible rescue efforts below.

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The flood was prompted by heavy rainfall, and forced 420 people to evacuate. More than 100 houses were flooded.

Most of the people who were evacuated can stay with relatives, while others are being offered temporary housing. All of the villages are receiving food and medication during this recovery period.

But thanks to the work of emergency crews, this herd of horses were rescued and a terrible tragedy was averted.

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Rescue Volunteers Help Save Herd of Horses from Rushing Floods