Food a Rescue Saved for Malnourished Louisiana Horses Gets Stolen

Posted by Paige Cerulli
Mid-America Horse Rescue/Facebook

Though the Mid-America Horse Rescue has been working hard to save malnourished Louisiana horses, a thief stole the rescue's food, making their challenging task even more difficult. 

The Mid-America Horse Rescue specializes in rehabilitating horses, giving them a second chance at a good life. The rescue recently took in nine malnourished horses from Louisiana, after the decimating floods. The malnourished Louisiana horses are severely underweight and require specialized diets to safely return them to healthy weights.

It's challenging enough to rehabilitate and refeed malnourished horses. But a thief has made that task even more difficult for the Mid-America Horse Rescue by stealing the feed that had been set aside for the rescue horses. The rescue, which runs entirely on donations and which is fully staffed by volunteers, now has to make up for an unanticipated deficit.

The food stolen equates to about two weeks' worth and is valued at approximately $700. But it's not even the first time the rescue has been vandalized.

Local rescues have been inundated with animals in need of homes, medical treatment, and care as a result of the Louisiana flooding. Displaced owners may no longer be able to keep their animals, and in some cases animals have been separated from their owners and simply haven't been claimed.


In the case of the Mid-America Horse Rescue, the stolen feed has to be replaced by donations. If you would like to help, you can donate via the rescue's Facebook page. The rescue also accepts checks mailed to:

Mid-America Horse Rescue

PO Box 1032

Columbia, IL 62236

If you are local and wish to donate actual feed, it's best to contact the rescue first to find out what specific feed types they need.

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Food a Rescue Saved for Malnourished Louisiana Horses Gets Stolen