This Rescue Cat and Dog Love Going on Adventures with Their Family

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A cat and dog pair now live adventurous lives after being adopted into the same family.

When Cynthia Bennet laid eyes on a tall and lanky puppy named Henry back in 2014, it was love at first sight.

Bennett said in an interview with The Dodo:

"He just curled up into my lap and went belly up and flipped his head over my arm. And from then, I decided that he was coming home with us." 

Big for his age and built with long and strong legs, Bennett and her boyfriend (both avid hikers of the Colorado trails) thought Henry might be the perfect companion to join them on their adventures, and they couldn't have been more correct.

Bennett said:

"I think we only had him for three days when we took him on our first hike, which was to Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. He found the steepest, tallest rock around, and he ran up to the top of it to look over the edge."

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Recently, Henry got an adopted brother - a little Siamese kitten named Baloo. Much like Henry, Baloo ran right up to his future parents immediately upon meeting them and showed signs of a promising hiking companion as well, which sealed his fate as a member of the family.

Bennett explained:

"I'd looked for five months, and I saw lots of different kittens, but none of them really had the right personality or fit. I knew that I wanted to take him anywhere - camping, hiking."

Henry and Baloo hit it off right away as well, the kitten always insisting on following his big canine brother everywhere. Before long, Bennett was training Baloo to join them on their hikes, and now everyone goes everywhere together.

Bennet added:

"He's definitely not the kind of cat we can leave home alone on the weekend anymore. I think he thinks he's more a dog than anything."

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If you want to keep up with the Bennetts and their incredible family outings, you can follow them on Instagram @henrythecoloradodog, which features a fair share of Baloo shots as well.

What's your favorite thing to do with your pets outdoors? Tell us in the comments!

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This Rescue Cat and Dog Love Going on Adventures with Their Family