Rescue Lamb on His Last Legs Befriends Kitten at Farm Sanctuary

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lamb and kitten
All images via Facebook/Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary

A friend came in an unlikely form for a sick lamb in need of comfort.

When a sick lamb was put up for adoption at only two days old, no one knew if he would survive. His mother had died, and the farmer that owned him had no use for him.

Few people would adopt an animal with little hope of surviving infancy, but Carla Reilly Moore and her husband knew they had a home for the little guy at Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary. The married couple runs the animal sanctuary out of their home in Kingston, Ontario, and they reached out to the farmer to adopt the lamb.

lamb at happy tails farm

But the farmer refused their offer, saying he didn't want the animal going to a sanctuary. Farm sanctuaries often expose the dark side of his business, and he wanted to avoid bad publicity. But the animal rescuers were determined, and they tried again. This time, they went undercover and didn't mention the sanctuary. Their plan worked, and they decided to name the rescue lamb Charlie.

When they brought Charlie home, he was very sick. His tail and testicles were incorrectly banded and he was covered in diarrhea. Moore and her husband did their best to nurse him back to health. But they weren't the only ones to show the lamb extra love and attention.

cat looking at lamb at happy tails farm

A kitten named Dora took an instant liking to the newest sanctuary resident. Dora had been left at the sanctuary in November, and she decided to pay it forward by comforting Charlie while he recovered. If she was in the house, Moore knew she could find the cat curled up somewhere beside Charlie.

When Charlie had to have surgery on his tail and testicles, Dora was there waiting for him when he got home. Moore told The Dodo,

"Dora the kitten ran straight to his crate and stayed with him until he woke up and came out to play again."


With time, comfort, and care, Charlie's health slowly started to improve. As his strength grew, so did his friendship with Dora. The rescue animals who started their lives so perilously found comfort in their shared experiences. They'll live the rest of their lives at Happy Tails Farm. And according to Moore, their instant connection was "always meant to be."

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All images via Facebook/Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary

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Rescue Lamb on His Last Legs Befriends Kitten at Farm Sanctuary