This Rescue Dog's Story is Truly Miraculous

Posted by TF Oren

What an incredible rescue.

When Los Angeles-based animal rescue Rescue from the Hart was contacted about an abused dog, they weren't prepared for what they were going to find. Nor did they know they were about to witness a rescue dog miracle like no other.

Buried in a pink blanket, barely clinging to life, was the shell of a dog. Having been intentionally starved for months, she was a living skeleton in the midst of massive organ failure and her prognosis was grim, at best. But Rescue from the Hart wasn't ready give up on this precious life, and they vowed to save her. Representatives from the rescue organization and veterinary staff readied themselves for the fight of a lifetime.

Hoping for a miracle, they named the dog Angel. Around the clock veterinary care began to heal her failing body. Volunteers from the rescue, who visited Angel daily, began the equally difficult task of healing her broken heart.

Slowly, and against all odds, Angel began to turn around. Each small step forward was momentous. First she began to eat tiny amounts of solid food. Then, with the help of her rescuers, she sat up. And then, finding her strength, she finally stood on her own. And once she found her legs, there was no stopping this miracle dog with an incredible fighting spirit. From sitting, to standing, to walking, to running, Angel lived up to her name.

Watch Angel's miraculous transformation:

Rescue from the Hart gave Angel hope. Veterinarians gave Angel health. But those alone weren't enough. Angel herself provided the final piece: an inextinguishable spark of life. Without Angel's will to live, this story could have ended much differently.

Today, Angel the miracle rescue dog is living the good life in a wonderful forever home. She spends her days frolicking in the backyard and getting all the ear scratches and tummy rubs a dog could ever want.

Rescue changes lives, and Angel's miracle is proof that a little hope can mean the difference between life and death.

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This Rescue Dog's Story is Truly Miraculous