Dogs Rescued from Louisiana Floods Now Work with Inmates

Posted by Allie Layos
All images via WAFB

These five dogs rescued from the Louisiana floods are now helping rescue inmates.

When the historic flooding in Louisiana left thousands of people without homes, it also affected the lives of many animals.

According to Jen Deane, who works with a nonprofit animal rescue organization in Florida, people affected by natural disasters are often forced to give up their pets.

"There are very few pet-friendly shelters, so unfortunately, some people have no choice," Deane said in an interview with WAFB. "They can't bring their dogs or cats with them."

Deane's organization Pit Sisters and several other rescues worked to bring five dogs displaced by the Louisiana floods -- Allie, Atlas, Zoe, Colette, and Bowden -- to Jacksonville, Florida. In Jacksonville, the dogs will become part of TAILS (Teaching Animals and Inmates Life Skills), a program which benefits both the dogs and the inmates.


"What we've heard from the inmates that participate is they learn patience, they learn teamwork, they learn responsibility," Deane said. "We've seen firsthand folks that have changed completely just from interacting with one dog."

After the dogs have completed the TAILS program, they will be offered up for adoption in the hopes of finding their forever homes.

All images via WAFB.

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Dogs Rescued from Louisiana Floods Now Work with Inmates