Rescue Cow Got a Surprise 1st Birthday and It's Just Too Pure

Posted by Paige Cerulli
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All images: Sunnyside Stables via Facebook

When this rescue cow beat the odds, her new family decided to throw her a very special surprise first birthday party. 

When Minnie Moo the rescue cow was born last year, it wasn't likely that she would survive. Minnie Moo was born prematurely and during a storm. Her mother wasn't producing milk, and the newborn calf would need intensive care if she was to survive.

The folks at Sunnyside Stables in Rosemount, Minnesota heard about Minnie Moo and decided to take her in. Tracy Orr, the farm's owner, received a call from Minnie Moo's owners, who didn't have time to care for the calf. So, Orr went and got Minnie Moo.

The rescue cow needed lots of care and had to be bottle-fed multiple times per day. She was given a warm spot in a room along with the rescue dogs, and she became good friends with them.

For the next six months, Minnie Moo grew - and survived.

These days, Minnie Moo spends most of her time roaming about the 75-acre property. She hangs out with the stable dogs, and sometimes acts a bit like a dog, too.

She's very much a member of the family.

When Minnie Moo's first birthday rolled around, Sunnyside Stables held a surprise birthday party for this very special cow.

After all, there was question about whether Minnie Moo would even live to see her first birthday, so it was the perfect time for a celebration.

The party was quite the surprise for this special guest of honor. Minnie Moo loved all of the attention that she received.

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There was even cake, and that might have been Minnie Moo's favorite part.

What a lucky cow to have found people so dedicated to her survival and happiness.

Would you ever consider keeping a cow as a pet? Tell us in the comments below.

All images: Sunnyside Stables via Facebook

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Rescue Cow Got a Surprise 1st Birthday and It's Just Too Pure